October 2008 - Central Park

Chanel Mobile Art Exhibit Lands In Central Park

It looks like a giant, reptilian caterpillar curled up on Rumsey Playfield -with gleaming white walls and retro-cool flourescent accents (mauve, of course) to complete the effect the Chanel Mobile Art Exhibit looks like nothing so much as Star Trek as imagined by IKEA. The serpentine structure also has its own contingent of Oompa-loompas, an entire squadron of attractive, bored looking young men and women that wear uniforms straight from a badly dubbed, sixties sci-fi flick. Upon entering I was presented with earphones and a stylishly minute MP3 device that would direct me on my journey. The narration was helpful, after I got over the fact that I expected the guide to break into “Broken English” – if the women’s voice had possessed any more gravel it could have been used as a glass packed muffler. (Obscure Marianne Faithful reference.)

The exhibit itself was interesting at times and visually stunning once or twice, but the audio guide was just a little too consciously precocious – at times she sounded like a late night FM disc jockey from the days of AOR. That, and the fact that she gave absolutely no information about the artist responsible for each piece, which was somewhat puzzling. She seemed to be more intent on telling me how and what to feel. In other words all that was missing was a continuous loop of “Thus Spake Zarathustra” to make sure that we understood how really important it all was. The fact is that while it was . . . → Read More: Chanel Mobile Art Exhibit Lands In Central Park

The Shoe Has Landed, Quinn Supports Extending Term Limits

Spontaneous Demonstraions of Support Scheduled Throughout the Week. We are relieved to report that Council member Quinn has returned from that dark Gethsemane of the soul to announce that she is indeed in favor of extending term limits. Quite a startling development. Really. We had no idea.

It would be only the most cynical of observers that would think that this reversal from her avowed position of less than one year ago was in fact a fait accompli; an action motivated by personal ambition and political self interest.

Just as her endorsement of the carriage horse industry can only be a position based on careful consideration of the facts and a commitment to the safety of New Yorkers as well as the humane treatment of animals.


Halloween In Central Park

Once again the Central Park Conservancy is providing an entertaining array of Halloween activities including festive crafts, pumpkin carving, scary stories, and New York’s largest pumpkin flotilla! . . . → Read More: Halloween In Central Park

Central Park Paws

Now I have nothing against dogs. As a child I cohabited with several and they all proved to be loyal, steadfast companions whose entire mission in life was to make me happy (that’s besides eating, sleeping and inappropriate behavior with, well, pretty much anything they could jump on or rub up against, all of which taking up about 95% of their time.) I also have nothing against small dogs, my brother’s family once owned a poodle which, without the embarrassing hairdo, looked like a tiny Phil Donahue and was even more ingratiating. The problem I have is with large men walking tiny dogs on long leashes around the reservoir track. During one recent endorphin fueled confrontation I stopped mid-chug and asked an oblivious lump in an trenchcoat if his dogs (two miniscule longhairs that would have, together, lost a fight to a good sized dust bunny.) could read. He looked at me with brow knitted intensity and replied huh? I then pointed to the lettering on the base of the fence which says “no dogs” and said “Could you help them out?” Of course my scathing sarcasm was utterly wasted, not to mention the fact that the next runner bumped into me and scowled in my direction. After a few more grunts all around I decided to resist the urge to kick the dog, or its owner, and resumed trudging along.