April 2011 - Central Park

Happy Birthday Frederick Law Olmsted!

Today marks 199th birthday for visionary landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, famous for co-designing many well-known urban parks with his senior partner Calvert Vaux, including Central Park and Prospect Park. . . . → Read More: Happy Birthday Frederick Law Olmsted!

Celebrate Earth Day at the Central Park Zoo

Penguins at the Central Park Zoo

Explore the mysterious frozen worlds of the Arctic and Antarctic in this exciting 4-D adventure from BBC Earth, showing at the Zoo’s 4-D theater. Planet Earth: Ice Worlds transports viewers to the danger-filled world of the Polar Regions and depicts the effects of the ice on the animals that live there. Learn how the seasonal advance and retreat of the ice shapes the lives of polar bears at the North Pole and emperor penguins at the South Pole.

The visual drama of this 3-D film is heightened by a variety of sensory effects in the theater, from water mist, blustery winds, and snow to bubbles, scents, seat vibrations, and enhanced floor lighting.



Tavern on the Green Re-Opening

Tavern on the Green Re-Opening . . . → Read More: Tavern on the Green Re-Opening

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