Nature Observatory - Central Park

Nature Observatory

Named for philanthropist Henry Luce (founder of Time Magazine) the Nature Observatory is housed inside one of the parks most beautiful buildings, Belvedere Castle. The Castle also houses the Central Park center of the National Weather Bureau. Every minute the current climate conditions are sent to the weather center at Brookhaven, Long Island.

Inside can be found collections of natural history artifacts (skeletons, papier mache birds) as well as microscopes and telescopes, all designed to give young visitors an insight into methodology of naturalists. Aspiring scientists can borrow field packs that contain binoculars, reference material, maps, and notepaper, which can all be used to explore the Ramble, or to study the life aquatic life from the edge of Turtle Pond. And lastly the Castle is also the favorite haunt of many of Central Park’s cadre of dedicated bird watcher’s, a great place to catch a glimpse of hawks, kestrels or osprey

Location: Mid-Park at 79th Street

Details: (212) 772-0210

Hours: 10am-5pm, Tuesday- Sunday

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