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Petit Pups in Central Park

Now I have nothing against dogs. As a child I cohabited with several and they all proved to be loyal, steadfast companions whose entire mission in life was to make me happy (that’s besides eating, sleeping and inappropriate behavior with, well, pretty much anything they could jump on or rub up against.) I also have nothing against small dogs, my brother’s family once owned a poodle which, without the embarrassing hairdo, looked like a tiny Phil Donahue and was even more ingratiating. The problem I have is with large men walking tiny dogs on long leashes around the reservoir track. During one recent endorphin fueled confrontation I stopped mid-chug and asked an oblivious lump in an overcoat if his dogs (two miniscule longhairs that would have, together, lost a fight to a good sized dust bunny) could read. He looked at me with brow knitted intensity and replied huh? I then pointed to the lettering on the base of the fence which says no dogs and said Could you help them out? Of course my scathing sarcasm was utterly wasted, not to mention the fact that the next runner bumped into me and scowled in my direction. After a few more grunts all around I decided to resist the urge to kick the dog, or its owner, and resumed trudging along.

Snowfall and Snow Leopards

This evening has brought a delightful frosting to the park, although it is scheduled to be replaced by slushy grey muck by morning. One of the most romantic views in the park is Belvedere Castle in the snow.

Belvedere Castle In The Snow.

And while we’re on the subject – Snow leopards will soon have new digs in Manhattan, at the Central Park Zoo. The Allison Maher Stern Snow Leopard Exhibit is expected to open in spring of 2009 and was made possible by a $7 million leadership gift to the WCS Gateways to Conservation campaign by Allison and Leonard Stern.  The new exhibit will replicate the scrubby evergreen forests in the mountainous region of Central Asia, where the highly endangered snow leopard lives. Zoo visitors will be able to go nose-to-nose with the big cats and see them perched on rocks and boulders. Hot and cool rocks for winter and summer will create a comfortable environment for these high-altitude animals, and ledges and other behavioral enrichment features will encourage them to pounce and play.  Some lovely watercolors that are being prepared for the Zoo can be found at the Natural History Artist site.


Animal Advocates Protest Against Carriage-Horse Industry In Central Park

Animal rights activists braved frigid weather and gathered at Central Park South Thursday, Jan. 1st to protest the treatment of carriage horses. The protest against horse-drawn carriage rides occurred as the City Council gets ready to consider a ban on the controversial tourist attraction.”You can’t have horse-drawn carriages in New York City without the public safety issues and the inherent animal cruelty issues,” said Edita Birnkrant, a spokeswoman for Friends of Animals.  



Horse Drawn Carriage in the Snow

Horse Drawn Carriage in the Snow

She pointed out that horses went to work in a snowstorm last month, and one slipped on an icy street.

Animal welfare advocates rallied in the frigid weather, shouting, “Shame on you!” at the crowd of tourists lined up for rides. The City Council is set to debate a bill later this month that would shut down the industry.

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