Coyotes In Central Park - Central Park

Coyotes In Central Park

Central Park could be dogged by a coyote problem.

The parks department Tuesday confirmed more than one sighting this week, but said it isn’t a cause for alarm.

“It is a good sign that wildlife is returning to New York,” said parks department spokeswoman Vickie Karp.

It is not known whether one or several coyotes are roaming Central Park, but the health and environmental conservation departments are keeping an eye out. It’s not the first time a coyote was found in the park. Hal the coyote was caught there in 2006, but later died after ingesting rat poison.

Last month, a coyote was captured in Harlem and another attacked a woman and a dog in Westchester County.

It’s not uncommon for coyotes to wander into the city from the northern suburbs, Karp said. Experts urge using common sense if you run into one. “We ask that people appreciate all wildlife in New York City’s parks from a distance and do not feed, touch or try to capture [them],” Karp said.

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