Horse Controversy Rages

Okay, I’m all for protecting the horses that line Central Park South waiting for tourists to hop in and clip clop around the Park. The recent videos posted on and on various news sites are horrific. But. But I don’t think the ban advocated by the Queens City Councilman will make life all the better for the horses.

First – Because there is no way the ban will ever get passed. The Mayor is against it, the industry is against it and tourists are against it. It will get shot down and nothing will be done, except that the City Councilman from Queens has gotten his name in the news.

Second – Because it doesn’t do anything to guarantee that the horses are treated better. Does the Councilman think that if the carriages are banned all these horses have other jobs waiting? 401k’s? A home out in the Hamptons?

My solution – Simple:

Confine the horses and carriages to Central Park. Ban all motor traffic from the park – a measure that is long over due, cars in Central Park cause many more injuries to pedestrians, bikers, runners and rollerbladers than cars in the street do to horses. There is a reason the transverse roads are below street level – city traffic was never supposed to enter the park. Pass legislation that provides for stricter over sight on how the horses are treated.

Now I admit that these measures are probably no more likely to be enacted, but . . . → Read More: Horse Controversy Rages