"Blinders" Screened

The documentary “Blinders”, by Danny Moss was screened last Wednesday by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and the actor Alec Baldwin. The 52-minute documentary starts innocently enough with the gentle clip-clopping of hooves and the excited reaction from tourists. (Oaky, the tourists do appear a bit demented, but that could just be coincidence.) It then goes on to recount recent accidents with some gruesome shots of a horse lying in the street just after an accident. There follows a series of harrowing stories depicting the horrible treatment of these poor animals.

It would seem inevitable that this antiquated, brutal industry must be banned, as it has been in cities all over the world, from London to Beijing. The fact that the People’s Republic of China has proscribed this practice and the great city of New York has not should be telling enough. The next screening is not scheduled until August, but I am trying to find out if another showing can be organized before then. This is a movie all New Yorkers should watch.