Creative Time Heads to Central Park For Its Next Big Project

This year, Creative Time will head to Manhattan with “Drifting in Daylight: Art in Central Park,” which will feature seven to 10 sculptural, social and interactive works. Each Friday and Saturday afternoon from May 15 through June 20, visitors will be able to play, lick and dance their way through the park — primarily in its northern end, where, according to the program’s co-curator Cara Starke, “You tend to feel that ‘getting lost’ that was a part of the original vision” of the park’s chief architect Frederick Law Olmsted. This may be the most geographically expansive arts project in New York’s Central Park since the artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s 2005 Gates installation was placed along 23 miles of Central Park paths.

Snow Monkey Hot Tub – Central Park Zoo

Central Park Zoo Snow Monkeys enjoy their “Hot Tub”, much as they do the volcanic baths that keep them warm in their native Japan.

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Ready For My Closeup – Central Park, Winter 2015

Ready For My Closeup – Central Park, Winter 2015 . . . → Read More: Ready For My Closeup – Central Park, Winter 2015