Bow Bridge

Central Park is an ideal place to spend an afternoon with your family. Whether simply walking around and enjoying one of the many aspects of the park’s wonderfully conceived landscape or participating in one of the many family programs sponsored by the Central Park Conservancy the park offers an amazing array of family friendly activities.

Wollman Rink – Enjoy ice skating in the winter or in-line skating from spring until fall with the breathtaking skyline of Manhattan as a backdrop.

Lasker Rink and Pool – With ice skating in the winter and swimming in the summer, Lasker Rink and Pool is a lesser known oasis of family fun at the northern end of the park.

Central Park Zoo and Children’s Zoo – The Zoo in Central Park, and the Children’s Zoo, offer an entertaining and educational way to spend an afternoon in the park. Both are recently renovated, featuring state-of-the-art animal enclosures and informative exhibits, and together are the perfect size to be covered in a few hours.

The Conservancy offers a variety of free family programs and events that are appropriate for all ages, unless otherwise indicated. Registration is required for all programs. To register, call the visitor center where the program is taking place:
The Dana Center: (212) 860-1370
Belvedere Castle: (212) 772-0210
The Dairy: (212) 794-6564
North Meadow Recreation Center: (212) 348-4867

Field Day Kits – Field day kits are available from the Conservancy at the North Meadow Recreation Center: a canvas sack stocked with a variety of games and sports equipment – everything you need to host an exciting group trip or family outing in the Park. Each kit includes a Basketball, 10 cones, 3 bats, horse shoe set, playground ball, nerf ball, football, Frisbee, 2 handballs, soccer ball, jump rope, 2 whiffle balls, and hula hoops. Kits may be checked out with valid photo ID.