Still Hunt

Running or walking along the East Drive, just at the edge of the Ramble, can sometimes cause park visitors a breathless moment, and not necessarily from the exertion. Looking up they can see, perched on a rock as if ready to spring, a rather ferocious looking bronze panther. (It is also a favorite pastime of park regulars to take unsuspecting guests for a stroll past this spot and then look up suddenly in fright.) Its name is Still Hunt and it was created by sculptor Edward Kemeys in 1883. Kemeys was inspired to become an artist while a member the crew whose job it was to clear unwanted trees from the future park’s site. He went on to become a celebrated American sculptor and was responsible for creating the famous Hudson Bay Wolves at the Philadelphia Zoo.

Still Hunt is also notable for being one of the few examples of park statuary that is executed in a naturalistic setting, rather than on a pedestal or along a walkway.

Location: West side of East Drive, mid-Park at 76th Street