Artist’s Gate

There are twenty gates into Central Park, and all of them have colorful names carved into the adjacent sandstone, names such as Strangers’ Gate, Explorers’ Gate, Hunters’ Gate and here, Artists’ Gate. The names of these gates were  the  idea of the Park Commission at the time and they were instituted as a welcome to New Yorkers of various occupations and backgrounds.  Other gates include  Womens’ Gate at W. 72nd St.,  Inventors’ Gate at E. 72nd St.,  Engineers’ Gate at E. 90th St. (where the New York Marathon enters the park every year for its last few miles),  and Mariners’ Gate at W.  85th St.

Standing guard in front of Artist’s Gate you’ll see three statues of the great liberators of South America – Jose de San Martin – Simon Bolivar – Jose Julian Marti, a  fitting position of honor for three great statesman at the head of the Avenue of the Americas.