Hotels and Tourism

First – Welcome to the Central Park Hotels and Tourism Center, we hope your stay will be an enjoyable one. If you need anything just email the concierge.

Now, to continue with our tourist seminar, a few general tips:
New Yorkers are a naturally cheerful, helpful people. They are generally happy to be of assistance. Just speak slowly, don’t make any sudden moves and never go near them while they’re feeding. They can smell fear. They are also impressed if you at least try to speak their language. The trick is to figure out what that might be.  Hotels: Of course New York City boasts some of the finest hotels in the world. But if you’re looking for the best of the best, nothing can beat staying in a hotel near Central Park.

Tip Guide: In New York, like the rest of the U.S., gratuities are not included in the service check. Waiters, waitresses and bartenders can receive from 15 to 20 %, Taxis: 15% of fare, bellhops: $1 per bag, coat check: $1 per coat. Don’t pretend you don’t know! This insures good service, good karma and good vibrations.

NYC supports over 150 museums, each open to the public. Check your tourist guides or call ahead for specific hours.

The 6,400 miles of sidewalks of NYC mean tired feet, especially to those used to driving everywhere. Sightseeing is not a fashion show – wear comfortable shoes.

You may rent bicycles and skates in and around Central Park. Tourists should not attempt cycling or skating on city streets as it can be quite dangerous. Just ask the bicycle messenger you just helped up.

The Staten Island Ferry Terminal is next to Battery Park where the boat to the Statue of Liberty docks. The ferry provides a wonderful view of Manhattan and is FREE to ride. Take a picnic lunch. This is far superior to waiting on line forever for the boat to Liberty Island.

Always plan an emergency meeting place or message center for your group. Make sure it’s a bar.