Iconic New York Poster

Iconic New York©: The Best New York Souvenir

A collectable poster featuring more than 400 icons, the poster is the quintessential New York souvenir that says, New York loves you back

Look for the attack raccoon in Central Park, the climber on the New York Times building, and the Naked Cowboy in Times Square. And at every turn, watch out for pedestrians, poodles, prams, and pretzels!

Iconic New York© is for sale at in standard one-sheet movie-poster size (27″ x 40″). Order yours here!


Painstakingly researched, drawn, and composed, Iconic New York™ spent two and a half years on the drawing board. Esquer and his design team chipped away at the map of Manhattan, methodically converting the city’s most beloved architecture and artifacts into artful graphic icons. Slowly but surely, from Washington Heights to Battery Park, they meticulously assembled the icons into a collage forming the shape of Manhattan itself.

Made by Manhattan’s Alfalfa Studio, the poster incorporates more than 400 landmarks, including 173 lovingly rendered buildings. It took more than two-and-a-half years for Alfalfa’s Rafael Esquer to research and produce, and should reward owners with hours of staring and discovery.”
—John Metcalfe, CITYLAB