Met’s Noah Syndergaard Loves Central Park

The Met’s ace Noah Syndergaard hurls fastballs at 99 mph, glaring at batters from the mound with all of his 6-foot-6 inch, 240-pound frame.  But sometimes even the Mighty Thor needs a little Namaste in his life.

“They have great yoga classes in Central Park,”  Syndergaard tells amNewYork. “Central Park is definitely one of my favorite places for outdoor exercise in the city.”

In an exclusive interview, Syndergaard has lots to say about his morning routine, favorite haunts and what he does when he’s not tormenting Mr. Met or the visiting team at Citi Field.

The Texas native — who will once again live in Manhattan during this baseball season — embraces life in the Big Apple.

“When I’m in New York City, my typical morning includes waking up, grabbing a green juice and a CytoSport bar,” he says. “I’ll often walk around a bit and enjoy the city before going to the stadium in the midafternoon.”

If he has the time, Syndergaard will even rent a Citi Bike and takes a spin through Central Park.



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