Summer Production of "Peer Gynt" In Central Park


Laura Lynn MacDonald’s new adaptation of Ibsen’s “Peer Gynt” is planned for Aug. 6-30 in Central Park, at Summit Rock near 83rd Street and Central Park West. The production will be staged by the Gorilla Repertory Theater.

Summit Rock is the highest elevation in the park, although it spends most of the year hidden from view by the surrounding stand of oak trees.   Because of this it is generally unknown to the vast majority of park goers strolling around the Great Lawn  a few hundred yards east.  The place itself has an interesting history that extends back to before Central Park was built.  It is known to have had a spiritual significance to the Manhatta Indians that lived nearby and was also an important gathering place for the inhabitants of Seneca Village, an established village a few hundred feet to the east and north.  This was a community that was displaced by the construction of the park in the 1850’s.  This should prove to be an interesting place to stage Ibsen’s drama, which features many fantastic scenes derived from traditional Scandinavian fairytales.

This should also prove to be a very entertaining alternative for those who can’t spend the afternoon queuing up for Shakespeare in the Park.  I personally can’t wait to see the Central Park version of the Troll King.

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