Sledding in Central Park

Whether it’s on a high-tech toboggan, a patched up inner tube or a purloined garbage can lid when it comes to sledding it’s location, location, location. And the best place, by overwhelming consensus, to ride the snowy slopes is Pilgrim Hill. Just north of the 72nd St. entrance at Fifth Ave., Pilgrim Hill offers a steep slope that levels out to a gentle finish, giving the sledder’s dream ride – maximum velocity, minimum bruises. Runner up, in Case Pilgrim Hill is looking like rush hour on the BQE is Cedar Hill between 76th and 79th st. just south of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Best Slopes
Manhattan’s greatest slope is in Central Park at Pilgrim Hill. Enter the park at 72nd Street on the East Side. Runner up: Cedar Hill, also in Central Park, between 76th and 79th Streets.

In (the unlikely) case of a crash Lenox Hill Hospital is the closest ER to Central Park’s Pilgrim Hill (100 E. 77th St., at Park Ave.).