Frequently Asked Questions

How big is Central Park?

843 acres or 6% of Manhattan’s total acreage, including:

  • 150 acres in 7 waterbodies
  • 250 acres of lawns
  • 136 acres of woodlands

When is the Central Park open?
From 6:00 am to 1:00 am

Where is Central Park located?

The Park stretches from Central Park South (59th St.) to 110th St. at the northern end and from 5th Ave. on the East Side to Central Park West (8th Ave.) on the West Side.

How far is it around the Reservoir running track?
1.58 miles

How far is it around Central Park via the Drives?
Starting at Engineers’ Gate, 90th St. and Fifth Ave.
Full Loop = 6.1 miles
Upper Loop taking 102nd Street cutoff = 5.2 miles
Lower Loop taking 72nd Street cutoff = 1.7 miles

How long is the Bridle Path?

4.25 miles

If I walked all the paths in Central Park, how far would I walk?
58 miles

If I walked the perimeter of Central Park, how far would I walk?
6 miles (2.5 miles up and down the avenues and .5 miles across Central Park North and South)

Can I drive in Central Park?
Yes, on the Park Drives. The speed limit is 25mph.

When are Park Drives closed to motor traffic?
Weekdays: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm – 7:00 am
Weekends: 7:00 pm Friday – 7:00 am Monday
Holidays: 7:00 pm the night before – 7:00 am the day after

Where can I have my wedding or take wedding photos?
By permit only at the Conservatory Garden, 105th Street at Fifth Avenue. You can also call the Central Park Conservancy’s Wedding Hotline at 212-360-2766. Elsewhere in Central Park, permits are required for more than 20 people. Call the Department of Parks & Recreation at 212-408-0226 for information.

Where is Balto?
East 67th Street near the East Drive

Where is Alice in Wonderland?
East 75th Street just north of Conservatory Water

Where is Mother Goose?
East 71st Street at Rumsey Playfield

Where is the Carousel and when is it open?
The Carousel is located mid-Park at 64th Street. For information call 212-879-0244. April-October: Weekdays 10:00 am-6:00 pm, Weekends 10:00 am-7:00 pm; November-December: Daily 10:00 am to dusk; January-March: Weekends and holidays only, 10:00 am to dusk (all weather permitting)
How many trees grow in Central Park?
26,000, including 1,700 American Elms

How many benches could I sit on in Central Park?

Over 9,000, which would stretch 7 miles if placed end to end.
How many bridges and arches are in Central Park?

How many playgrounds could I play in?

How many types of birds could I watch in Central Park?

More than 275 species of migratory birds have been sighted in the Park, a major stopping point on the Atlantic flyway.

How many people visit Central Park each year?
25 million

How many fountains are there in Central Park?
There are seven ornamental fountains and 125 drinking fountains. The ornamental fountains are:

  • Angel of the Waters at Bethesda Terrace
  • Burnett Fountain at Conservatory Garden’s English garden to the south
  • Conservatory Garden’s Italian garden in the center
  • Untermyer Fountain at Conservatory Garden’s French garden to the north
  • Cherry Hill
  • Sophie Loeb Fountain
  • Pulitzer Fountain at Grand Army Plaza

How do I get a permit to have an event in Central Park?

Special Event Permit Application or call NYC/Parks & Recreation at (212) 408-0226
Online Sports Permit Application or call NYC/Parks & Recreation at (212) 408-0209