Cherry Hill

Cherry Hill, just west of Bethesda Fountain, gets its name from the cherry trees that ring the hill and brighten the landscape each spring. Overlooking Bow Bridge, the Ramble and the eastern end of the Lake, Cherry Hill offers one of the most picturesque vistas in all of Central Park. A great gathering place during the 19th century for equine park-goers (the fountain doubled as a trough) you can still find horse-drawn carriages lined up at any time of day taking in the view, although the horses are no longer allowed to quench their thirst at the fountain.

At the center you’ll find a beautiful fountain designed by Jacob Wrey Mould. It features a granite pool with a black and gilt cast-iron center construct topped by eight round lamps and a golden spire. A favorite place for photographers for many years the site has the unique distinction of being seemingly out of the way, while at the very center of the park.

Location : mid-park at 72nd st.

Cherry Hill Fountain

Cherry Hill Fountain


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