Horse Drawn Carriages Part Two - Central Park

Horse Drawn Carriages Part Two

In the past year I have commented several times on the Horse Drawn Carriage industry as it is carried out in New York.  Initially I was of the opinion that it was a more or less innocent tradition that provided a colorful way to tour New York and Central Park.  During the past few months I’ve been forced to confront the awful truth of the matter – that, no matter how quaint or traditional, there is no defense for making horses live in squalid cells and have to walk through traffic behind buses and trucks.   That’s without even considering the accidents that occur.

In the interests of fair play and public discourse I have posted both sides of the argument in the comments below each posting.  The last one resulted in me being called “stupid”, “ignorant” and, my favorite, a “humaniac”.  The fact that these comments were sent within an hour of my posting would indicate that the industry is employing a veritable herd of PR flacks whose job it is to address every affront to the industry, even one as innocuous as my last observation.  My favorite was the comment by Michaleen Flynn, a sobriquet conjuring the image of the lovable character played by Barry Fitzgerald in the move “The Quiet Man”.  This apparently is supposed to lend some sort of authenticity to his homey Irish comments.  I offered this person the opportunity to be interviewed for this website and present his side of the story.  He refused, excusing himself out of fear of reprisal to himself and his family.


I think he refused because he can’t be interviewed, and he can’t be interviewed because he is a fictitious character.  Another part of a PR machine desperate to protect an outdated industry.  You can also find a video on YouTube that is sponsored by the carriage industry. In fairness I encourage people to watch it as well.  The interesting thing about their movie is there are no outdoor shots of the stables the horses live in.  Hmm, wonder why.