Le Pain Quotidien on the Sheep Meadow - Central Park

Le Pain Quotidien on the Sheep Meadow

Le Pain Quotidien on the Sheep Meadow

Le Pain Quotidien on the Sheep Meadow

The restaurant offers exclusive items at its new Central Park location, including organic draft beer, vegan ice cream, pre-packaged picnic boxes and extended range Wi-Fi. The café will also serve as a community gathering place and education center with its Communal Table at Mineral Springs program. Each week features a new educational program focusing on the environment, organic eating and farming, bread-making and food tastings.

The eatery’s newest location restores a decades-old building that formerly housed Sheep Meadow café. Known as Mineral Springs, the historic spot once housed a bustling pavilion that served 30 varieties of natural spring water in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

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