"Blinders" Screened On The Eastside

Last night I attended a screening of “Blinders”, a documentary that shows in graphic detail the horrendous abuse suffered by the horses that are exploited by the carriage horse industry in New York. Brilliantly produced by Donny Moss, who also wrote and directed the film, the movie systematically refutes every defense of this cruel and archaic industry. The screening was followed by a spirited panel discussion which explicated some of the seamier political aspects of the debate and what concerned citizens can do to eradicate this embarrassment to our city, and our beautiful Central Park, once and for all.

While there were many highlights of the evening, Councilmember Tony Avella speaking of how we can combat the the brutal tactics of the carriage horse owners and Donny Moss telling passionately of his efforts to reach the public with the information exposing the abuse, the most amusing one was when a gnome-like thug, claiming to represent some un-named outlet of “da media” started ranting and had to be escorted away by security. The absurdity of his barely understandable gibbering was accompanied by the chilling realization that the industry had hired such a person to disrupt the proceedings. The fact that Mayor Bloomberg and Councilmember Quinn would align themselves with such people is confusing at best.

Anti Carriage Horse Fundraiser Cancelled Due To Threats

So – after the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages scheduled a fundraiser at O’Flaherty’s Pub, unidentified members of the carriage trade called to tell the manager they’d bust his place up if he didn’t cancel.

O’Flaherty’s backed down, but Bayside Democratic Council Mmber Tony Avella will not. He defiantly proclaimed that “this industry is going to be put out to pasture” if he has anything to say about it. To put an end to the “inhumane treatment and risk of serious injury or death” to both horses and people, Avella’s pending bill would “repeal all provisions within the administrative code that authorize the operation of horse-drawn carriages within New York City,” according to his website. Read more at » Runnin’ Scared « a Voice news blog

Apparently spreading misinformation about the tortured conditions these animals live in isn’t enough, it is now important for the industry to resort to human intimidation.

Documentary Exposing Carriage Horse Carnage

BLINDERS, a 50 min documentary about the growing movement to ban the infamous NYC carriage horses, will be screened publicly in Manhattan for the first time on Sept. 18th and 22nd. BLINDERS has been screened at 10 film festivals and won the 2008 award for Best Film in the Point of View Category at the International Wildlife Film Festival.

September 18, 7:30 p.m. Visionfest Film Festival Tribeca Cinemas Tickets – $11

Sept. 22, 7:00 p.m. AMC THEATER 3rd Ave and 71st St Please join Mary & Peter Max, Ally Sheedy, Kristen Johnson and Nellie McKay for a screening of BLINDERS to benefit the League of Humane Voters. Panel discussion will follow screening. You can find ticket info at League of Humane Voters

Click here to watch the movie trailer To read more about the movie and to see the press coverage, please visit: http://www.blindersthemovie.com/