Central Park's Most Romantic Places – Wollman Rink

Wollman Rink

Wollman Rink

9. – Wollman Rink  It is cold. It is winter. It is New York. And if it is a clear night, it is hard to imagine a more romantic spot than Wollman Rink. In fact, it is hard to picture Wollman Rink as anything but a romantic spot after watching the movie “Serendipity.” Ice skating in Central Park is easily one of the most picturesque activities to be enjoyed on a winter’s night. Unlike the somewhat overwhelming confines of the Rockefeller Center rink, you can actually see stars at the Wollman rinks. As you take your partner’s hand, you can feel the cold tingle of New York’s crisp winter air, listen to the music, and take in the incomparable surroundings as you glide (gracefully or not so) around the rink. A romantic huddle over hot chocolate forms the perfect coda for the evening.

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