If  Basketball is known as “the city game” then handball must be designated “the inner city game”. While specifically designed courts are always preferable handball only actually requires a wall and a reasonably bouncy rubberball, or spaldeen as it has been known to generations of New Yorkers. Variations include stoopball, Chinese handball and, for the more alphabetically adventurous, A’s up. Handball has a passionate following throughout the world (including Finland where it is known, somewhat unfortunately, as “fistball”) that belies the games simplicity. You could play several tournaments in the time it takes to explain the rudiments of Cricket.

There are 12 handball courts available at the North Meadow Recreation Center on a first come first serve basis. Handballs are available with a photo I.D.

Location : North Meadow Recreation Center mid-Park at 97th Street.

When : Daily from 10:00am to 7:00pm

Permit Requirement : No permit required for single use, but is required for a tournament.